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The way you want to use BettaPlan will determine which products you need

1. You want to use BettaPlan on your own 

All you need is one copy of BettaPlan - BP01

2. You want to use BettaPlan to share things with others 

You will need to purchase:

3. You want to use BettaPlan on your own, BUT may want to share later 

For now all you will need is one copy of BettaPlan - BP01

However when you decide to get BettaPlan for your team you will need to purchase:

  • One copy of BettaPlan - BP01 for each person who will be using it
  • One copy of Server Database - BP02
  • You will also need to purchase one copy of  Convert to Firebird Server - BP03  This conversion utility will enable you to migrate any data stored on your personal computer to the Server Database.

System Requirements:

* Windows® 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, 2003 Server, Vista, Windows 7
* Processor 1.4Ghz
* Memory 1gb


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