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5th Apr 2010

Change is a choice

Way back in 1975, the then Ceo of Digital Equipment ( Deq ) stated that they could see no reason why anybody would want to have a computer in their homes.

It is worth noting that Deq and its products has long since disappeared.

During the early 1900's the Chairman of the US Patent office stated that - anything that can be invented had been invented.

One might conclude that we are smarter today, have a better understanding and more clarity, but one would be wrong.

A few days ago I had a meeting with a senior person in a very large organisation. We were discussing the challenge of converting a motivational weekend ( seminars ) into positive actions, instead of finding oneself doing the same things we always did, two weeks later. In other words how to break old habits and acquire better new habits. I mentioned that Bettaplan is a tool and process designed to assist in exactly this way.

Wait for it ..... He stated "what makes you think that you can create anything worthwhile considering that we have 150 IT professionals in our organisation, if something worthwhile could be created they would have done so"

This comment was made without having even looked at BettaPlan or having any knowledge of what it is or how it operates.

An astonishing statement from a "leader" in this organisation and unfortunately this is a common approach.

He claimed they have a great solution to this problem and that it works really well - hold on to your hat now ...... they have many regular meetings. Oh the bliss of motivation by meeting, now why did we not think of that !

My response to him was to say goodbye and to thank him for his time, there is no common point of reference after his statement.

On leaving a gave him a copy of an article but I seriously doubt that he would read it or if he did, he would probably conclude that it did not apply to them.

Life is all about choices - what are the choices we make and why ?

Link to the article I gave him .

- http://www.mergeint.com/index.php?id=2283

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