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Posted by Philip Smith on 1 December 2013

New Year

The end of another year is around the corner.

We thank all the people who worked with us and who allowed us to help them.

It is that time again, time for new years resolutions, normally followed by disappointment.

No need for this to be so – I would suggest that, should you be in need of a resolution, make one that includes your partner or family.

A resolution worth striving for, but one that can be shared.

Best of luck and whatever it is – Yes you can do it.

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No Lies

Posted by Philip Smith on 1 November 2013


Having had the serious discussion with your mirror I hope you were able to glean some useful information.

This might be a stupid question but – Do you have a written plan for the next 12 months?  If not, you have a potential problem.

If your answer is yes, I have to congratulate you and ask the next obvious question. – How well did you do when measured against your plan for the past 10 months.

This is never about right or wrong it has everything to do with learning and improving.

Only when we can honestly assess our own progress, do we have the capacity to improve.

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Posted by Philip Smith on 1 October 2013


As we enter the final quarter of this year, you should have a seat in front of the mirror.

It is time for a one on one chat with the person who controls your destiny.

You might think this a bit odd, but trust me, you cannot lie to yourself and you might learn a great deal.

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Administration Habits

Posted by Meqa Smith on 1 September 2013

Administration - Yes it Matters

Most of us are creatures of habit and much of what we do in our daily lives is predicated on these habits.

We rarely stop to consider whether these habits are good, bad or indifferent, we simply accept that they just are as they stand.

For us to change our lives in any significant way will always require us to change some of our habits or to acquire some new habit.

This got me thinking how habits often do not only control what we do but also what we think and how we view life in general. 

A concept articulated from the project management environment states that, if we can’t measure it we can’t manage it and if we can’t manage it we can’t improve it.

This raises the question of what to measure and why.

Stepping away from the project environment and into my own area of expertise, administration, it is easy to overlook the importance of this aspect of the business.

It is the business administrations responsibility to ensure the correct, consistently compiled, numbers are provided for any measurement to be possible.

Whatever facet of the business one might examine, unless you have a sound administrative base, you are potentially in trouble.

Unless you can determine the state of your business accurately at any time, you will be making decisions in the dark.

All this might sound obvious, but the reality is that more often than not administration in business is seen as a cost instead of as one of the potentially positive drivers, to gain and retain focus in your business.

For all you business people out there, make sure you say a big thank you to all your administrative staff for keeping you out of the trouble you might otherwise be in right now.

Click here for another interesting take on the impact of poor administration.

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Posted by Philip Smith on 1 August 2013

> Focus

We can all recognise a picture that is out of focus because we know what a clearly focused picture looks like.

We can do this without understanding the mechanism that enables a camera to focus.

We are not as fortunate when Focus relates to business, in fact we tend to be a bit on the blind side.

Focus in business is not intuitive, it has to be learnt and you will be hard pressed to find it in most business school curriculums.

Using a magnifying glass to set fire to paper, is an activity we were all familiar with during our childhoods. It only requires a small movement to unfocus a magnifying glass, resulting in no fire.

 The degree of Focus we can achieve in our lives and in our business will determine our success or failure to a greater degree than almost any other action or activity.

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