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Habits and Ritual

Posted on 1 June 2014

We forget.

Doctors get sick, dentists get toothache and specialist in any field, are likely to fall victim to their own discipline.

We specialize in helping people to get organized and to develop good habits. This is never easy and getting the process of improving our habits started is the main challenge.

We have been doing this for more than 10 years, in one form or another, so one would expect that we will have this all down pat. One would be wrong.

Recently I read a very good article where the author suggested the value of “ritual” or habit, is often misunderstood and he presented an interesting argument.

When we do things habitually we require no “thought” energy to start and complete such tasks, other than that required by the task itself.

He argues that we all start our day with the some energy level and that our energy gets consumed during the day, leaving us on empty, so as to speak, by the end of the day.

He further contends that we require energy every time we try to decide what is to be done next, but any task performed as part of a habit requires no such expenditure of energy.

We all know that we have some good and some bad habits and the trick to successful living is to reduce the bad ones and to cultivate the better ones.

Being organized is one of the good habits and if this is successfully and properly done, it will assist in the creation of other good habits.

Once we have achieved a degree of habitual organization, and it is never perfect, it becomes easier to regain control when we get lost in the occasional “flood” of activities.

The value of organizing your life and developing good habits, translates into money in the bank.


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